Episode 10: Hydrogen Sulfide – What a Gas

Segment 1: What a Gas.  University of Alabama – Birmingham researchers Jeannette Doeller and David Kraus talk about the amazing properties of hydrogen sulfide gas. Although it’s lethal in even minute quantities, our bodies produce it and use it to good effect. Episode 10 graphic courtesy of David Kraus. Begins at 1:15.

Segment 2: Research Progress on Colon Cancer.  John Carethers of the University of California San Diego explains his research findings on colon cancer and the role that the DNA mismatch repair system plays. Begins at 15:24.

Total time: 25:10

Body Notes, the theme music at the beginning and end of the show, was composed by APS member Hector Rasgado-Flores and was performed by the San Diego Chamber Orchestra.

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